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Experts in strategic planning, marketing, and selling Developments and new home Communities.


Tactx provides strategic marketing and sales programs together with efficient marketing budgets to ensure maximum profitability for your project. Whether a quick sale or a tempo campaign, Tactx generates and executes the appropriate program relative to client objectives.


Tactx provides comprehensive marketing plans and strategies from project concept to sell-out, ensuring the client’s objectives are realized.


The sales force is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable new home sales representatives who understand how to sell homes from plans and work exclusively for the client.


It is vital to understand demographics, buyer’s needs and requirements and how each project fits into the host market. We thoroughly research all aspects of the market to understand where opportunities exist.

We encourage you to speak with us before your next project or prior to your next marketing initiative to discover how Tactx can assist you in attaining your goals and objectives utilizing prudent and responsible methodologies.

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The principals of Tactx took our vision of a downtown, chic and upscale condominium and positioned it to the market place by focusing on architecture and design. Through their committed dedication to out project, they were successful in reaching our target goals achieving an 80% sell-out at launch at unprecedented prices for the market.
by Karen Hyndman
North Ellis Developments, The Madison
Tactx implemented a systematic reservation program which was followed through by great sales staff. 70% sold before we opened the door with zero rescissions.
by Kevin Bird
K-West Homes, Terravita, Cambridge House
Tactx Project Sales & Marketing provided us with a well-planned marketing strategy which was correlated with a detailed marketing budget. Their planning along with sales and marketing strategies gave us the confidence to increase prices and to realize increased profits on sales, while at the same time keeping within our marketing budget. We would not hesitate to work with Tactx on future projects.
by Len Sloan
Mission Meadows Development Corp., Mission Meadows

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